Survey for Current Students: What's It Been Like At UNC So Far?

Thank you so much for filling out this questionnaire! We are looking to pool the "best practices/insider knowledge/hall gossip" of students who are in the midst of their UNC journey. Just think about what you would want to tell a younger sibling who is starting at UNC in the Fall. On questions where you have a lot to say, please take the time to let us know your thoughts. No words will be wasted, as we are planning on using your advice and practical knowledge to advise students in the future.

YES THERE IS A PRIZE: Also, as a thank-you, we will be providing one of the participants chosen at random with a copy of a "The Fellowship," the new book on the Inklings (CS Lewis, Tolkein, Sayers, etc)! This is contingent upon having ≥25 quality responses, so please forward this to any friends whose input you would wish on a younger sibling.

Name *
Did you enter college knowing exactly what you were going to study? Have you stuck to that or did it completely change? Are you majoring in something you never considered before college?
Include the professor's name and course title/number if you can!
No worries if you haven't picked a major, just tell us about another class you enjoyed!
Any professors you would recommend definitely taking? Any tips on navigating a 400-person lecture class?
Please include the professor and course title/number if you can!
Please include the professor and course title/number if you can!
If so, please tell us how this person (parent, campus minister, older person from church, etc.) came to act as your mentor.

If you have any questions or further comments, email Amber Younger at