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Design Your Life Seminar: First Meeting

What motivates you and where are you going? While college presents many opportunities for growth, leadership, and preparation for the future, you need time to reflect on your path and your reasons for choosing it.

Dave Hofmann (Kenan Flagler professor) and Charles Merritt (entrepreneur and investor) are guiding students through a series of exercises to bring clarity and purpose to UNC students. In this seminar, they will approach life’s big questions with a fun and creative approach: design thinking.

Too often discussions of purpose get hung up on a nebulous concept: passions. The design thinking approach will help you look at your future from new angles in conversation with friends, UNC faculty and alumni.

If you would like to attend, please contact Madison Perry ( and go ahead and order the seminar’s one assigned reading: Designing Your Life by Dave Evans.

The seminar will meet every Monday at 5pm at the Battle House (203 Battle Ln) from 10/29/18 until the end of the semester.

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