2018 Wilberforce Conference Student Board Description

In looking towards the next Wilberforce Conference, the Study Center staff is revamping both the role and the responsibilities of the student board, which provides essential insight and leadership in the development of the conference. While the changes will increase the time commitment, our hope is that the student voice will be stronger throughout all phases of planning and preparation.

If you have specific questions about the following, please email Matt Hoehn (matt@ncstudycenter.org). We welcome any and all questions!  

Student Board Areas of Focus

  • Content Production
    • Brainstorming potential panel topics and selecting a narrowed pool of possibilities
    • Formulating overarching questions related to potential panel topics that encompass academic, intellectual, vocational, and societal factors
    • Helping to formulate overarching themes to serve as cornerstones of the conference planning process
  • Speaker Input and Recruitment
    • Brainstorming possible speaker options for both the keynote speaker and the individual panelists with the intention of creating an interesting and diverse pool of speakers from a variety of disciplines, vocations and backgrounds
    • With support of Study Center staff, extending invitations to potential speakers and assisting in the applicable recruitment conversations
  • Publicity/Campus Engagement
    • Publicizing the conference on various social media platforms
    • Extending invitations to different student groups (campus ministries, student orgs, fraternities/sororities, academic-interest groups, etc.) to attend the conference
    • Acting as a representative for the conference on campus
  • Panel Creation/Communication
    • Working with panel moderators to flush out content and structure
    • Working with panel moderators to coordinate pre-conference prep sessions amongst all panelists
    • Communicate with panelists to receive necessary information (bios, headshots, etc.) and to provide necessary logistical information about the conference (where, when, etc.)
  • Logistical Assistance
    • Assist staff in preparing materials for the conference
    • Helping with pre-conference set-up during the week prior to the conference

Adjusted Structure

In addition to the new responsibilities, we are also planning to restructure the board to include the following positions and committees. The motivation behind this restructure is to temper the time commitment associated with the added responsibilities by narrowing the focus of each student board member.

Please note that these are not the final committees, rather we will continually assess how to best create committees that reflect the areas of focus listed above. The committees below are included as a sample.

  • Board Co-Chairs
    • These students will work closely will Study Center staff to coordinate the operations and duties of the entire board. Will provide critical input in the decision-making process as well as vision for the overall role and direction of the student board.
  • Speaker Committee
    • Committee members will be responsible for the recruitment of speakers and panelists, as well as on-going communication with the speakers. Will also work closely with Study Center staff during the recruitment and preparation process.
  • Publicity/Marketing Committee
    • Committee members will be responsible for working with the Study Center communications staffer to develop publicity and marketing materials for the conference, as well as creating a publicity strategy to engage various campus communities.
  • Stakeholder Committee
    • Committee members will be responsible for assisting Study Center staff in coordinating and working with various conference stakeholders including, but not limited to, volunteers, alumni, partner organizations, campus ministries, alumni table hosts, steering committee and local community members.

New Responsibilities

  • Meeting once a month during the spring semester for approximately an hour each time.
  • Meeting 2-3 times a month in the fall (this will include meetings with the whole board as well as individual and committee meetings).
  • Remaining engaged via email over the summer on Wilberforce-related planning and prep
  • Plan to attend the following spring Wilberforce-related events, which are designed partially as supplemental education for our student board and will help with content production for the 2018 Wilberforce Conference:
    1. Thursday, Feb. 1st, 12:30pm: Wilberforce Luncheon with Bethany Jenkins (Vice President of Forums at The Veritas Forum, a contributor at The Gospel Coalition, and a senior fellow at The King’s College)
    2. Monday, March 5th, 6 pm: Wilberforce Dinner: The Gospel and Human Trafficking
    3. Monday, March 26th, 6 pm: Wilberforce Dinner: The Gospel and Criminal Justice Reform
    4. Saturday, April 7th, time TBD: Wilberforce Saturday Symposium on the Future of Evangelicalism in America
  • While we encourage attendance at all of these events, we specifically ask that you make an effort to attend the luncheon on Feb. 1st and the Wilberforce Symposium on April 7th.

Interested in joining the board? Please fill out the Google Form here.