A center for life + thought at UNC
that points to Jesus Christ.



To cultivate Christian life and thought at UNC.


For UNC to know Christ’s love and truth thanks to the hospitality, thoughtfulness and joy of the extended Christian community.


There are several priorities we focus on as we undertake our mission:

  • Friendship: Whereas many organizations grow as their membership increases, study center staff forms regular friendships with hundreds of students, none of whom are considered "members." Over 75 people per day visit the Study Center during the school year (350 students come once a week).

  • Intellectual Growth: To be at a University is to be, among other things, called to the pursuit of knowledge. Because "all truth is God's truth," this can be approached as a Christian calling, particularly when conducted alongside the revealed truth of God in scripture.

  • Community Engagement: We hope to see people faithfully present in the life of the University, fully themselves as followers of Christ and also fully invested members of the UNC community, as leaders in dorms, departments, campus organizations and beyond.

  • Coherent Lives: To be coherent is to be the same person with the same fundamental priorities wherever you go. Does someone’s identity as a follower of Christ stop once they step foot into a classroom or workspace? No! We celebrate faithfulness that extends to all areas of life, even those parts normally considered distinct from “ministry.”