The Study Center's Wishlist

The following is a list of items for which the North Carolina Study Center is seeking funding during the Fall 2016 semester. After a year that exceeded expectations, we are looking forward to a fun and substantive semester. There are a number of rooms that need fixing and sprucing. We have some landscaping projects on deck that will hopefully make the outside of the house and the yard more inviting. And we are looking for a riding lawnmower that will make the maintenance of the yard easier. Overall, we are hoping to make the Study Center a warmer and more welcoming place for students!

If you would like to provide funding for one of the following wishlist items, please contact Amber Younger at to discuss further. 

NOTE: In addition to these items, we are in need of support for regular operations (for staff salaries, food for guests, fees for visiting speakers and all the sundry expenses that come with running a ministry of hospitality and education out of a 19th century mansion in Chapel Hill). Please consider a gift to our operations fund by visiting


Hardwood Floor Repair - $2500

After taking carpet out of multiple rooms in August 2015, we discovered significant water damage in one room and lots of scratches and damage in another room. We are seeking funding to cover the cost of refinishing the hardwood flooring in two rooms on the main floor that will be used for student study space, group meeting space, and office space. 

Water Damage Repair - $300

Due to a faulty roof, we had several leaks  in our large gathering room, resulting in water damage in multiple places. Along with repairing the roof (see below), we are hoping to fix the damage to the ceiling. We will be hosting weekly community dinners in this room and it is used regularly by our campus ministry partners for a variety of events. As such, we want to keep improving this room to make it a truly nice place for people to gather!

Raise the Headers in the Front Rooms - $5000

For those who have visited the house, you have seen the low headers that line the entryway and separate the front rooms. These are actually false headers that were added at a later time to support partitions. In an effort to open up the front rooms and create a second large group meeting space, we are hoping to raise the headers. This is a long-term goal but one we think will be beneficial for the programming and events that happen at the house on a regularly. 

Paint - $600

Nothing can freshen up a room like a new coat of paint! In addition to painting a couple rooms a brighter and lighter color, we have multiple rooms in which the trim work is peeling and scratched. We are planning to scrap, sand, and repaint the trim work (door frames, window frames, molding, etc.) in multiple rooms.

Light Fixtures - $500

We have numerous light fixtures around the house that are old and broken (or just missing!) and we are hoping that by replacing these our rooms will look nicer and warmer right away. 


Outdoor Shed and Riding Lawn Mower - $6000

With as much regular maintenance our yard and property requires, we are seeking funding for a riding lawn mower and a large shed for storing the lawn mower and other tools (rakes, shovels, ladders, Roundup, etc.). We thankfully have had volunteers and residents willing to mow the lawn with a push mower but we know a riding lawn mower will be incredibly helpful to have for the long-term.

Fix Roof and Gutters - $1000

As mentioned above, we have a faulty roof that has led to regular leaks in our main large gathering room. Thankfully, the whole roof doesn't need to be replaced but does need repairs. We also have gutters along the front of the house that were not attached properly resulting in significant water back-up onto the front flat roof. Similarly, the gutters do not need to be replaced entirely but do need repairs.

mulch and Pebble - $1000

We are continually striving to make the Study Center a more inviting and welcoming place, which ultimately is the purpose of many of our wish list items. The same holds true for the mulch and pebble that will create a polished look for the front yard. We want the yard to do justice for this beautiful, old house!