Survey for Alumni: Your UNC Experience

Thank you so much for filling out this survey! We are looking to pool the "best practices" of previous students - i.e. think about what you would want to tell a younger sibling who is coming to Carolina knowing what you know now. On questions where you have a lot to say, please take the time to let us know your thoughts. We know this survey is long, but no words, comments, or thoughts will be wasted. We are planning on using your advice and practical knowledge to advise students in the future!

YES THERE IS A PRIZE: Also, as a thank-you, we will be providing one of the participants chosen at random with a copy of a "The Fellowship," the new book on the Inklings (CS Lewis, Tolkein, Sayers, etc)! This is contingent upon having ≥25 quality responses, so please forward this to any friends whose input you would wish on a younger sibling.

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Did these classes undermine or encourage growth? Please discuss.
If so, please discuss.
E.g.: "All students should take Skender's accounting so that they can do their own taxes," or "World history w/ Prof X is really helpful so that you can know your place in history."
E.g.: "Definitely study abroad!" or "I am glad I did a senior honors thesis."
If so, please briefly indicate how the person you have in mind became your mentor (parent, church program, campus minister, etc).
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In completely unscientific fashion, indicate your reaction to the following statements: *
In completely unscientific fashion, indicate your reaction to the following statements:
You are happy you attended UNC.
You felt like you were part of the school (not like a number).
You had great classes and are happy with your concentrations of study.
Academic Advising at UNC is helpful.
You found student organizations where you thrived.
You participated in great summer internships/activities.
You feel plugged in to a UNC alumni network.
Your high school self would be proud of who you have become/are becoming (or should be).

Thank you so much again! If you have any questions or further comments, please contact Amber Younger at