We affirm:

The truth and integrity of all scripture

The Christian Creeds (Apostles & Nicene), along with several portions of the Lausanne Covenant

The importance of membership in a church

Why truth?

We see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to be a foundational fact of reality, the same way we believe in and rely upon the earth's orbit of the sun.

Why turn to Christian scripture?

We have been given the Bible so that we might know definitively what is good and true and beautiful. We see through a glass darkly. In order to navigate a muddled world with failing sight, we must turn to the truth of scripture, so that weak eyesight can be healed and so that we can then accurately describe the world in which we live.

We believe that, in the Father's providence, we have been planted alongside friends in local churches. Friendship with sisters and brothers is necessary for us to identify the plank in our own eyes and for us to be reminded of God's transforming love.

Is the NC Study Center affiliated with a denomination?

The NC Study Center is not affiliated with a denomination. We hope to include a diversity of voices and perspectives in our discussions, while also making participants aware of where we are coming from (see the affirmations above).

In all this, we hope to equip participants to speak thoughtfully and truthfully about scripture and the Christian tradition, both at NC Study Center events and on the UNC campus more generally.